Place Spotting: Passive geocaching

13 July 2008

During the long hours of night watch on open ocean transit we used to play a game with our navigation system. Zooming into some obscure part of the world at a range of two nautical miles the player would try to guess the location as we zoomed further and further out. Lame as it was it passed the time. Sadly the game got old after about once. Luckily there’s now the Google Earth Geo Map Quiz. A Google Earth puzzle where you try to find and match obscure areal photos using a few almost passive geocaching like clues.

Place Spotting


Still in search of the perfect Wii/Mac interface.

2 December 2007

A week into it and I have yet to connect my Wii to the internet. But I did come across a way to control my Mac with a Wii Remote at Mac Apper. So far it seems the best use for this would be the ability to use a Wii remote for simple java script games or better yet using the wii remote to pilot the flight simulator in Google Earth.

flickr: lonebluelady

After digging out my wireless router (which can apparently be turned into a $600 router here.) from the garage I tried in vain to establish a working connection. Since I made the complete switch to mac a year ago its been frustrating establishing and continuously troubleshooting their connection, I should probably just get an Airport Extreme, despite using the word extreme in its name I still ogle over the 802.11n capabilities.

I’ve had my Nintendo Wii less than a week.  While it hasn’t occupied a large portion of my mind or time, like an explorer searching for the northwest passage I seek the perfect hack to get my Mac and Wii talking.  For no other reason than because I suppose.  Read about how I came across the Wii, or more likely how it came across me.