iPod Hacks

24 April 2008

Jessica Hupp has compiled a list of 75+ tutorials on how to turn your iPod into anything.

flickr: schlops

My favorites are:

Ouija Board
Guitar Tuner/Metranome
Universal Remote
Pirate Radio Station
Bike Charger
Altoid’d Minty Boost

For the complete list check out Travel Hacker via DIY: Happy.

I also enjoyed O’Reilly Publication’s iPod & iTunes Hacks, which has taught me the effectiveness of using smart playlists and other fun things. Though part autobiographical I also liked reading Dylan Jones’ iPod, Therefor I am.

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Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone


Turn Your iPod Touch into an iPhone

16 April 2008

I can now no longer think of any reason not to give into the new ipod touch.

Link: Lifehacker

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We were scared long before the technology came along.