Making the Most of Technology.

21 April 2008

After finally connecting my Wii to the internet thanks to my neighbors’ many open connections, I installed the Opera browser in hopes of watching television online. I know it sounds absurd paying five bucks and going through the complications of watching television online through the Wii which is already connected to my television set, but quite frankly Lost and Battle Star on on far too late. Besides I don’t mind the limited commercial interruptions and the streaming video quality seems better than broadcast; especially on the Sci-Fi channel, whose intrusive lower third advertisement interruptions force me to stop watching after ten minutes.

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Only being able to buy Wii points in ten dollar increments I downloaded Super Mario Brother’s 3. There’s something quaint about playing an eighteen year old 8-bit game on a four hundred dollar system. What struck me as being odd though was my ability to pinpoint every hidden coin box, 1-up, and unseen enemy before they appeared on screen. I would naturally react in the platform world then ask myself, “how did I know that was there?” I already know the answer to this question. It is because imbedded deep in the psyche of my being there are hundreds of hours devoted to this game at a very impressionable age. Some how through nearly two decades of abuse and neglect my mind latches onto the insignificant world of plumbers, pipes, and man eating flowers. It made me wonder what else is locked away in there, especially with the effects of advertising. I remember hearing somewhere once that patients with Alzheimer’s will remember “pop pop fizz fizz oh what a relief it is” long after they’ve forgotten their children’s names.

Playing Super Mario Brothers 3, I also took the mandatory trip down memory lane that led to the eventual “Once in a Lifetime” moment of clarity. The kind of moment that made me remember seeing an old NES at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria nearly five years ago. The graphics on Mario 3 were astonishing to my grade school mind. I laughed at how dated the iPod tough interface will seem in nearly twenty years. Then I wondered how my son who is six years old would handle playing such a primitive game. He quickly mastered the 3-D world video games that I get lost and dizzy in. he doesn’t know anything else. It turns out that the 2D running platform game was more difficult for him and he couldn’t get past the third Goomba.

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Ad agency JWT says blue will be the new green – Green Daily

30 December 2007

Ad agency JWT says blue will be the new green – Green Daily

So if blue is the new green and green was the new red white and blue and red white and blue was the new was it white?  Which was the new black or was it that 50 was the new 40?  Catch phrases and mass marketing make my head spin.  But apparently your not truly green unless your blue.  I keep telling myself that this new environmental movement is for the best and that the masses are too stupid to do anything of their own accord without television commercials or their minister telling them what to do, but the whole thing makes me cringe when I hear emerging buzz words like green collar jobs.

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No matter where you stand you will be exploited. Especially when trying to go green.

19 December 2007

It’s unfortunate that no matter how noble the cause, before something can become second nature it has to be trendy first. As long as we can make it through the hyper marketing tactics, we will be better for it in the end.  Wired has a great examples of this here.

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My wife and I were talking about the green movement after we saw a commercial for cat litter.  A company that has been around for over ten years is now starting to advertise on the crest of the post Gore green movement and pet food scare.
My wife told me that Martha Stewart was talking about the importance of reading the ingredients in your pet food, and for all food really. Imagine that, shouldn’t you always read what you’re putting into your body? I suppose that people really are that naive.
When my mother in law mentions something you know that it has become a trend. Unable to realize that we’ve been talking about something for years once she ‘discovers’ it, it is now that I realize that this thing is in full bloom.
You are a target demographic.
Is it better to be green for the sake of being green, or doing so for the sake of fitting in?
Does it really matter? Does the end justify the means?

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