Mastering the art of wet shaving.

27 December 2007

I am on the third day of using my double edge razor that I got for Christmas which you can read about in “What they don’t tell you about a double edge razor.” Today I am happy to say I shaved scratch free.  Following the advice from a comment on my previous post I am one step closer to mastering the ritual of a wet shave.

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What they don’t tell you about a double edge razor.

26 December 2007

I got the Merkur Classic Safety Razor for Christmas.  I’d read about wet shaving on blogs like The Simple DollarZen Habits, and Life Hacker.  First of all I stayed away from a straight edge razor after a barber advised me not to when I mentioned I couldn’t find them anywhere, something along the lines of it not being worth the risk and sanitation issues.  With nostalgic eagerness I lathered up for my first shave.  While I think that hemorrhage might be too strong of a word, I do wonder if certain areas of skin near my chin will ever grow back, not to mention the laceration behind my left ear.

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