Watch Out Benny Goodman: Clarinet Playing Robots

26 June 2008

From: Boing Boing

There is a special spot in my heart for any robot/droid that can play the clarinet. Growing up my parents were big fans of grounding me. Weekends, months, summers what ever. One of the summers that I was grounded I learned to play my sisters clarinet. After about an hour of trying to get the padding on my fingers correct on the holes I was able to play the Quantum Leap theme song.

Admitting to both of these things I automatically lose 12 cool points.


2 May 2008

I tried to have a conversation with my wife about the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence, but she wasn’t really having it. “What’s with you’re new obsession with robots?” she asked. I would hardly call it new but thanks to Gizmodo I have rekindled an old love affair. When I was in Kindergarten way back in the 1980’s Colorado Public Schools I built a “robot” from a shoebox and packaging bubbles. My teacher was disappointed that the robot wasn’t real. I vaguely remember her telling me that it wasn’t a real robot because it didn’t have any working parts. My hopes of one day building a Boy’s Life Gizmo robot faded, as I suspect it wasn’t a real robot either, just an inverted garbage can on top of a R/C car chassis.

Back to my attempted AI discussion with my wife she wasn’t at all impressed with the robot that could put its self back together. “It’s a robot,” she said “I would expect it to do that.” Our discussion came to an end with the agreement of the possibility of AI, yet it would never catch on due to cost. I stuck to my guns reminding her that computers were once large and ineffective. So while I dream of the days we supplement our daily chores and distractions through the outsourcing to robots will continue to do practical things like building our cars. Still a small part of me hopes that we might be at that pre apocalyptic period Sarah Conner was raving about.

Because who doen’t like to watch robots playing video games?
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Because who doesn’t like to watch robots playing video games?

24 April 2008

From: Gizmodo

The comments seem a little vicious and suggest that any free time need to be dedicated to the pursuit of tail, intoxication, or the benefit of man kind. But as mountaineers take to summits because they’re there, why not build a project like this?